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What is Mohs Micrographic Surgery?

Drs. Richard Hope and Justin Clark are board certified Mohs surgeons. Mohs micrographic surgery stands out as a specialized technique for eliminating skin cancer, seamlessly integrating surgery with microscopic margin analysis. Acknowledged as the most effective treatment for skin cancer today, Mohs surgery boasts an impressive potential for cure, achieving success rates of up to 99%. This remains true even in cases where the skin cancer has undergone previous treatment using alternative methods. The distinguishing factor contributing to Mohs surgery's remarkable cure rate lies in its ability to remove cancer with unparalleled precision while preserving healthy skin and surrounding tissue.

The procedure involves the meticulous removal of a disc or "layer" of tissue, which is promptly processed into microscope slides within the Mohs laboratory. In real time, the surgeon examines these slides, which are precisely mapped to identify any residual tumor. This iterative process continues until no residual tumor is detected. Noteworthy advantages of this approach include the highest cure rates for most skin cancers and minimal damage to normal tissue. For a comprehensive understanding of why Mohs surgery is deemed the most effective treatment, refer to the accompanying video.

Mohs surgery is particularly recommended for skin cancers located in cosmetically sensitive areas like the head, face, neck, hands, feet, and genitalia. Additionally, it is suitable for cases where skin cancers have recurred after prior treatment. The applicability of Mohs surgery in other scenarios can be discussed with Drs. Hope and Clark, qualified Mohs surgeons. To determine whether Mohs surgery is the appropriate treatment for your skin cancer, ​seek consultation with these board certified Mohs surgeons.